Saturday, August 10, 2019

Why do some parts of the world develop more quickly than others Research Paper

Why do some parts of the world develop more quickly than others - Research Paper Example The distribution of such resources as minerals and arable land thus made some regions advantaged over others thus become more developed. Man first relied on rain fed agriculture, most of the early civilizations relied on the trade of agricultural products. Such led to the development of market economies in different regions. Additionally, the subsequent development of both industrialization and urbanization followed the patterns of the availability of the natural resources. The environment is therefore an essential factor in analyzing the development rates of different regions thought the world. Diamond analyses the development pattern of the Eurasian society. He observes that the society was advantaged by the presence of suitable plant and animal species in their regions. The domestication of better animal and plant species facilitated the economic growth of the regions. Such regions as central Europe has no deserts implying that the region have cooler climates thereby enabling the domestication of stronger breeds of animals and better cash crops. With these, the societies pioneered the earliest civilization and the development of stronger market economies. Stronger economies facilitated the development of effective governments in the region to oversee the management of the resources thus facilitating the faster development of the Eurasian regions. Diamond further compares the rate of development in Europe to other Eurasian regions such as China and other parts of the Eastern bloc. The European regions had numerous natural features that enabled the establishment of boundaries. Such included rivers, mountains and other large water bodies including lakes and oceans. The presence of such geographical factors enabled the creation of smaller territories, which are easier to manage. Countries in the Eastern bloc such as China, India and Japan among others are larger with bigger populations. These are unlike the European countries that are smaller owing to the

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