Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Leadership Challenges Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Leadership Challenges - Essay Example This paper focuses on the challenges experienced by a leader and how a transformation leader can help the organization obtain its objective of adopting change. The Leadership Challenge Introduction Leadership is referred to as an individual’s ability to influence an individual or a group of individuals in any setting to accomplish aims and objectives. In organizational context, leader is a person who influences other individuals of the organization to comply with him and help him in attaining aims and objectives. The individuals who are being influenced by the leader are recognized as followers of the leader, they follow a leader due to various reasons and one of the main reasons of followership is allocation of resources. An organization is a setting that experiences huge number of challenges and it has to meet these challenges to remain in the game for the longer run. Due to various challenges, an organization always desire a leader as a leader is the one who makes the decis ions of utmost difficulty, carry out the process of change and communicates the vision of the organization to the employees. A leader has to experience various challenges while carrying out the duties he is expected to perform. Body Over the years researchers have figured out various types of leaderships that individuals carry out to attain the main aim of influencing. One of such types is transformational leadership, individuals who fall under this kind of leadership influence their followers by directly appealing the sensitive side of the followers or in other words, they appeal to the moral end of the followers in order to influence them. These leaders carry out their task of leadership with the aid of creating a high valued image of themselves in the minds of the followers, they present a vision of future that is quite positive in nature and they are the ones who frame the entire process of change. On the other end are those leaders who set goals for their followers and provide aid and assistance to their followers for the accomplishment of those goals by clearly informing them about the tasks and the roles they have to perform for the accomplishment of those goals. Transformational leaders are said to have the charisma to influence followers in such a way so the followers give priority to the organizational goals over their own goals. Vision is an idea of the future or the budgeted future that is framed by leaders, leaders create a positive vision in order to keep the followers tied up with each other. A leader articulates a vision by presenting a future that is quite positive and clearly defines the steps that the organization has to take to achieve a positive future. In transformational leadership, image management is of utmost importance, because a transformational leader has to lead his followers through the concept of idealizing. To achieve this objective, a transformational leader’s behavior has to be quite attractive and positive and has to lead by conducting exemplary behavior. A transformational leader is considered as one of the best forms of leadership because he has the duty of injecting the feel of high level of loyalty and confidence in his/her followers. They conduct the task of articulating the organization’s vision in such a way so the followers can relate to the vision and are highly willing to attain the objectives set in the vision. They take the step ahead and delegate authority

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