Friday, November 1, 2019

Technology Article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Technology Article - Assignment Example The Public Switched Telephone Network and the Wired Internet are mesh networks that have been present for some time. Wireless net technology allows the building of electronic networks without having to dig up buildings and streets since it does not need any physical wiring. Besides, it is flexible in coverage and can reach areas that are beyond other wireless technologies and networks (Lee, Zheng, Jianliang, Shresttha& Deepesh, 56). The nodes of WMN are made up of mesh clients and mesh routers. The mesh routers, which usually have minimum mobility, provide access to network for both convectional and mesh clients. WMNs’ interaction with other networks can be made possible through the bridging and gateway functions within the mesh routers (Akyildiz, Wang & Wang, 1). The mesh clients, like desk tops and laptops, can either be mobile or stationery and are able to generate a client mesh network with mesh routers and among themselves. Each node works both as a host and as a router that forwards packets for the other nodes that are not within the range of direct wireless transmissions with their destinations. WMNs may face steep competition from other broadband technologies like the xDsL, cable, satellite internet and Broadband Wireless Local Loop but they posses significant advantages that make them a viable alternative according to Jun and Sichitiu (1). Some of the applications and scenarios where this technology appears to be more affordable and versatile than other wireless or wired technologies include in emergency situations, extensive coverage areas and unwired, under-wired or hard-to- wire areas (Lee et al., 56). Examples of extensive coverage area are stadiums, offices and campus networks while hard-to-wire areas include highways, golf courses and conduits. WMNs are anticipated to reduce limitations and improve the performance of wireless local area networks, ad hoc networks, wireless

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