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Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Analysis - Essay Example For example, men are depicted as people who do not value women and hence despise their importance. On that prospect, there is a loss of personal identity among the women because of the persistent male domination. This loss of identity is apparent in the marriages of Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Wright. Therefore, when Mrs. Wright who was initially called Minnie murders her husband John Wright, the two women conspire to protect her â€Å"†¦I might have known she needed help! I tell you, it's queer, Mrs. Peters† (Glaspell 17). Another view of marriage depicted by the playwright is that women are making efforts to reclaim their respect and dignity. From the play, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are seen showing extreme sympathy toward the wife of the victim in a sense of solidarity. In other words, both women make attempts in comprehending the guiding motives that led Minnie to wring the neck of her husband, John Wright. The women decide to settle on this idea because men taske d with the investigations are emotionless and cold with the existing material facts. The suggestions from these acts indicate that women are deemed as nothing in the eyes of the law. Apart from the aforementioned reasons of marriage offered by Susan Glaspell, there is the disregard by the law towards marriage. For example, the county attorney does not find pride in Mrs. Peter because she has been married by a cop. On that note, the attorney remarks she is â€Å"married to the law†¦ (Glaspell 14) meaning she is a person who is dominated by husband. There is also a conduct of timidity displayed among the two women especially when they are conversing. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are fond of sitting together suggesting a lack of strength among themselves even in their matrimonial homes. Furthermore, it depicts an inferiority complex complimented by the body language when investigation is being conducted concerning the murder of John Wright. Alternatively, the incompetency of men to show compassion for Minnie who is accused of murdering her husband shows a lack of dignity for marriage. Moreover, the death of the bird belonging to Minnie is a symbol of the destruction of women’s fancies in marriages. Another aspect is the men constantly ridiculing the roles played by women from the county attorney who is tasked with investigations to the sheriff. This is exemplified when the sheriff dismisses the fruits that have frozen in the cupboard instead of complimenting the hard work of the women. On the same perspective, views of marriage in, ‘Trifles’ is that of men who are constantly blaming women for their woes. This is apparent when the County attorney disparages the housekeeping skills of Mrs. Wright when they go to conduct investigations. However, in solidarity with her friend, Mrs. Hale comes to her defense by stating that housework is tough on a farm. This leads the County Attorney to minimize his ridicule and continue with other investigative roles inside the home of Mrs. Wright (Glaspell, 2010). Another defense fronted by Mrs. Hale that exposes the desperate attempt by women to defend their marriages is when she confronts the County Attorney. This is concerning the murder of John Wright. She explains to the investigation team that the home of Mrs. Wright was not a cheerful place, but Mrs. Wright had exceptional homemaking skills. However, the County Attorney continues to level blame on Mrs. Wright by claiming it’

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