Friday, October 18, 2019

CH 11 - ISMG 3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CH 11 - ISMG 3000 - Essay Example But at least, it would not jeopardize the whole credibility and viability of the business on a longer term framework. Besides, by shutting down the system, and trying to rush things into putting back normal operations within 3 or 4 days, the more that IT personnel might increase tendencies to commit mistakes and gravely endanger rushing the system back into full operations within a short time frame. One strongly believes that there is no need to disclose anything in the outside world given that IT personnel has not proven any form of intrusion, in the first place. The implications for making such a pre-emptive public announcement could cause chaos and undue stress to their customers which could actually compromise their corporate image. If eventually proven that no intrusion of any kind was actually encountered, it would be difficult to negate the previous public disclosure or announcement that was made. Barton still has a job since his overall performance as head of the IT department was in fact exemplary and extraordinary. It was really not his fault that there were chaos and security issues that emerged during his helm. His other undertakings as CIO have been commended considerably by Williams and by other members of his IT team which is indicative of his competence and extraordinary qualities and skills as a manager. As such, his strengths could be used favorably to contribute to the growth of IVK in the long run. One honestly shares the same contention that one’s immediate supervisor or boss needs to know the bad news first, even if it is just initially a hunch. Just like the strategy that was applied by Barton, he perfectly justified using this strategy to immediately relay the least palatable option in situations of problems or concerns so that the boss is evidently prepared and apprised of the worst scenario and would not be surprised that it could come to facing that particular course of action. This is consistent

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