Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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England England is a country, and I'm glad I came from it. There are lots of fun things you can do, and a lot of famous sites you can visit. Even though it is far away it really isn't that different from the US. In England the style of clothing is not much different from here. In the summer they wear shorts and short sleeve shirts. In the winter they wear pants and long sleeve shirts. Their climate isn't much different than ours so that's why the style of close is so closely related. A typical Sunday dinner in England is roast beef "which there is called a joint," vegetables, and pie with hot custard sauce. A common snack is fish or french fries. Most people drink tea at most of their meals, but a strong deal of people drink coffee. There are lots of interesting facts about England. The capital of England is London, and the official language spoken in England is English. England has a national song which is "God Save the Queen." In 1986 an estimate of the population in England was 46,821,000. The highest point in England is Scafell Pike, 3,210 ft, and the lowest point in England is The Fens, sea level. In England there is a lot of sites to see, and one of the greatest would be the Tower of London. It is a great fortress, with not to pleasurable memories. In there Queen Elizabeth 1 and Sir Walter Raleigh were imprisoned. Anne Buleyn was killed there. You could take a tour deep below the castle to see the beautiful crown jewels. England is also famous for the Buckingham Palace. There is where the Queen of England lives. At the Buckingham Palace you can see a wonderful ceremony called the Changing of the Guard. In this ceremony men with red tunics

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