Thursday, July 25, 2019

Academe plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Academe plan - Essay Example the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) serve to determine positions that are most suitable for an individual in various areas be it academic, leisure or professional activities. Using the results from these reports, one is able to identify areas where they have a higher chance of success. One of the issues that should be observed when dealing with the choice of a career path is the past influences that may play a part in the final decision. This could be because of the experience that an individual underwent in these times (whether positive or negative) and the overall effect that such experiences could have on a person’s mindset. There are a number of past influences that could be considered in this case such as the external factors that played a role in enhancing the level of attractiveness of a particular position as well as the resulting outcomes that fell into place at the end of that particular experience (Hooley, 2012). A combination of these influences could play a large role in the final decision that is made by an individual. In this case, in particular, some of the past influences that can be considered would be the careers that older individuals had around me as well as the smaller part time positions that were occupied on occasion during weekends and school holidays. Other past influences deal with the nature of the work that was available as well as the level of enjoyment that one was able to achieve from taking part in such activities. In this case, this would mostly deal with positions that were largely socially interactive of financially attractive in terms of remuneration, which had a positive impact on the level of enjoyment that was to be had at that particular point in time. There are a number of results that one can use to obtain the best possible career path that is available to them using the two reports. These results will be based on a number of elements that arise from the design of the Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI. These

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