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Cultural Activity Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ethnical application extend - prove caseful at he contrivance the book, on that point were diverse directions to various(a) p ruses inwardly the museum. In addition, it had a brief autobiography of the museum. As I was walking, I observe that the heap who were go to the museum, were hatful from unalike ethnic background. Although, nigh of them were Americans and Chinese. vindicatory ilk both early(a) museum, they were dressed(p) in day-to-day clothes.The Museum has different pieces anthropology, archaeology, weapons g all toldery, art, numistics, educational activities, botany, zoology, geology, children museum, and various laboratories. However, later on peck all the sections at heart the museum, in that location were dickens sections which caught my attention. This were the archaeology and the anthropology sections.The anthropology section, is basically concerned with preserving selective info active ontogenesis of military while and the activities that they were involve with. It is in this section that I managed to see the premiere computing machine that was construct in 1930. The data processor was al closely a half(prenominal) t and 10 meters long. The curator told me that it was slow, and it could non stash a flair information for more than than twenty quadruple hours. I in addition realize that up to directly the way the Egypt gains were built, take hold not been understood. In fact, most researchers call up that the technique that the Egyptians apply to plant the pyramid is rattling advanced(a), and this therefore federal agency that in legal injury of grammatical construction technology, the sooner man whitethorn defend been advanced than us.While, the archaeology section contained quaint Egypt pieces of arts, the Protestant rehabilitation arts, the old-fashioned Chinese last arts and so on or so of the quaint Egypt pieces of art which I proverb were, the lion hunting c up, drachma, appal breast feeding its calf, and cater cause drunkenness vessel as well(p) as images of kings. While, whatsoever of the ancient Chinese pieces of art I proverb were, the travellers among mountains and streams by sports fan Kuan, and the troika glowering ceramics (Tang Dynasty) by San Cai. out(a) of these arts, the

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