Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Reform Model for Prisoners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reform Model for Prisoners - Essay Example The judgment of effecting punishment as an alternative approach to reform prison inmates does not entirely help them become non-violent members of the society. Gilligan emphasizes on an overwhelming weight of empirical evidence that punishment in prison is the most potent stimulus or cause of violence contrary to the widespread belief to its adherence. With the current condition of our state prisons where inmates are crammed into tiny prison cells and brutal solitary confinements allows more room for violence in order to protect oneself from the onslaught of further invasion of privacy. Typical hatred of inmates is shown on our retributive type of justice when Bedau cited that "it is applied randomly at best and discriminatorily at worst upon those whose offenders who are people of color, poor and uneducated". Brutal punishments and solitary confinements imparts to the inmates that human life does not deserve an iota of respect thus punishment is legitimate. He further added "that threat of severe punishment cannot deter criminals especially ones who are in the drug trade". Gilligan for his part promotes "the successful re-entry of prisoner into society as productive people as a positive tool for their transformation". Support coming from the community itself by shunning the social stigma and stereotype attached to former prisoners erases the chance of evoking anger and trauma. Education according to him is the key to prevent or at least reduce the incidence of crimes by providing tools needed to acquire knowledge and skills, self-esteem and respect for others. Almaraz supports the reform model as an effective implementation tool that is best supported by the government and communities. He believes in a reform model which consists of programs such as college degree courses, therapy and job training opportunities for inmates while in jail. Although such pro-life activities require a costly maintenance the possibility of learning through one's own mistakes may create a morally subservient person. We cannot dismiss the fact that violence is perpetrated by violators and violators begets violence; hatred begets hate and thus allowing hatred while in the process of reform mentally implies that the negative attitude is a form of life. Mexico, heavily relies on the reform model and promotes the efficient scientific principle of the "positive" school by expanding treatment to low risk offenders and attempts at separating the violent prisoners form the non-violent ones. Viable education and behavioral modification and treatment programs are made available to prisoners who are willing to commit to reform. Drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation serves to lessen the chances for recidivism. Summary and Conclusion In support of the reform model of effecting a desirable change for the inmates especially among first time offenders, the Jacksonian theory of absolute and brutal distinction should be discarded. Prisoners have not repudiated their membership in the community thus temporary exclusion does not require branding with harsh treatment to accomplish moral and political correctness. The prosecution and persecution of

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