Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Global Warming and Kyoto Protocol Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Global Warming and Kyoto Protocol - Term Paper Example Although the Protocol was signed by more than 159 countries, major industrial countries, such as the United States, refused to ratify it, believing that the commitments included in this Protocol threaten the national security of the country. Hence, the issue of global warming and the role of industrial countries in this concern have emerged a lot of debate. While poor and developing nations strongly push industrialized countries to bear their responsibilities in protecting the environment from global warming, developed and industrial countries, on the other hand, argue that all the countries of the world should bear equal responsibilities of protecting the environment. Hence, the attitude of those industrial nations, led by the United States, needs to be analyzed and evaluated in terms of its validity and fairness. Actually, in order to protect the environment against the dangerous impacts of global warming, all countries of the world, especially industrialized nations such as the Un ited States, should abide by the items of the Kyoto Protocol to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and fight environmental pollution. Basically, global warming is a negative environmental phenomenon that can lead to serious environmental problems, such as destruction of the environment, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. According to environmentalist Richard Dahl, global warming is an environmental problem that leads to a rise in world temperatures that is caused by the concentration of greenhouse emission gases in air (Dahl). This rise in temperatures will lead to melting of snow Mountains, which will increase sea levels (Dahl).  

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