Monday, July 22, 2019

Its features and importance Essay Example for Free

Its features and importance Essay Picture Gear Studio, DVgate Plus, Sonic Stage Other Giga Pocket PVR hardware and software with TV tuner card with remote control Support Policy One-year parts and labor warranty; 24-hour weekday toll-free support during warranty period. $19. 95 fee for phone support after 1-year warranty. Where is it available? What is its price? The SONY RS530G is available at any high end computer shop and also in the internet. Ordering this Desktop PC through the internet at eBay. com or PCExpress. com would come out cheaper than buying it here in the Philippines. Its price is $ 1850. 00 which leaves me with a total of $150. 00. The excess money I could use for extra accessories for the computer like other softwares may it be for leisure or education. III. Systems Ruled Out Obviously Workstations, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Mainframes, Mini-Computers and Super Computers were out of the question while choosing my preferred computer system. I dont need a very powerful PC that is used for Computer Aided Design (CAD) nor Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). I dont need a computer that would serve up to 70 users because most probably the maximum users that will be using my computer would be 3. Definitely minicomputers are out of my list for one thing theyre phased out. I dont need a computer that would serve hundred of users at a time; Im only a student and not a business so mainframes are crossed out of my list too. Besides mainframes are too complicated to handle as it is. Super computers on the other hand are used by businesses for task demanding extreme computing power especially in establishments for science like meteorology and finding out more on enzymes. PDAs are too small plus its not practical for a student like me to buy a PDA just to set my schedule straight in school and take notes. I need a computer that would aid me in my studies just like a Micro computer. Micro computers hold floppy disk drives and CD-ROM drive or even a DVD drive that would help me in storing data need for my classes, reports and papers. Its the most practical thing to get as of now because if I think of leaving within three years for the UK technology improves quickly and by then if ever I buy a laptop it would be phased out and it would be harder to up grade not like a desktop pc. IV. Conclusion I therefore conclude that at this time, as a student, it would be more practical for me to buy a Desktop PC that would help me in school work and at the same time entertain me for my free time. Laptops are doubled the price of a Desktop PC and is harder to upgrade unlike a Desktop PC. Usually Laptops are used by professionals who are on the go and need computers most of the time to make use of their time. References   Charles S Parker, Understanding Computers: Today Tomorrow: 200 edition, Harcourt College Publishers www. villman. com   www. Amazon. com   www. eBay. com Note from taken from class   and gathered data from different stores :   PC Express   Stores in Greenhills Shopping Mall   Stores in Cybermall.

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